Creating any art can be a complex process, shrouded in mystery like an ancient alchemy, sometimes inspired by beauty, sometimes by horror, sometimes by emotion. The end product is always unique to the artist. At Bangiya Kala Kendra, our first objective is to support the living artist. We know that the best way to do that, over time, is by supporting their careers, finding their voice and helping them connect with other people who love their work (and will support it financially).

The quest to make great art, art that can stand on its own, that makes an impact and is memorable is often a lifelong pursuit and a deeply personal expression of the self. For most, to create great art can require years of practice and toil in obscurity. Feedback is rare, constructive feedback rarer still. Embarking on this path is no guarantee of success. In fact, success if and when it comes for artists often occurs late in life, sometimes too late. At Bangiya Kala Kendra, we are here to change that.

Our mission is the pursuit of yin and yang in the Art World. Simply put, we want to help artists make great art and be discovered while they are alive and help art enthusiasts and collectors (collectively the ‘new art consumer') identify and support talented emerging artists. Put together, we are an exclusive international community of creatives and art lovers locked together in the pursuit of great art.

Who is the new art consumer? This is a person (old or young, rich or not), not necessarily new to art, who responds to storytelling, is design forward and wants to curate his/her own life with respect to culture, experiences and the people he/she interacts with. He/she is also comfortable in the digital world but still treasures real life experiences. He/she is discriminating but not elitist. He/she may have an art history degree (or not) but knows that taste and a sense for quality are innate and not bought. Above all he/she needs a connection and a purpose to his/her decision-making. And, he/she cares about the community.

This last point is crucial. As our world has become more digital, and in many ways, more divided, community is more important than ever. For artists and for the new art consumer we need each other. We need to celebrate and invest in each other, online as well as offline. As an organisation and community, Bangiya Kala Kendra is all about seeing, listening and caring.